Leading Well from Within

In Leading Well from Within, Dr. Daniel Friedland shares the compelling evidence and neuroscience behind what makes Conscious Leadership so effective and how you can cultivate it through the practice of mindfulness. Then, building on this solid foundation, you’ll discover the 4 in 4 Framework™—a proven, four-step process to help you:

  • Experience greater control and composure under stress
  • Transform stress into an energy source to meet your greatest challenges
  • Focus your energy and attention to experience more vitality, deeper relationships, and greater success and significance at work and at home
  • Catalyze your growth as a leader and cultivate a more conscious, actively engaged, and high-performing culture

Through these real-life stories, tools, and practices, you will discover how to transform yourself and your company’s culture – by increasing your awareness and inner resources especially when stressed – so you can serve others with greater impact and achieve the outcomes that matter most.


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