Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to learn more about Conscious Capitalism, the four Principles of Conscious Capitalism, best practices for applying Conscious Capitalism in my organization and about people and companies that embrace and embody Conscious Capitalism, where do I go?

    Explore the sections of this site dedicated to each of the four Principles of Conscious Capitalism – Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture. Become a Member and participate in LinkedIn, Chapters and other engagement opportunities, and participate in our events.

  2. I am a member of the press, I’d like to get more information about Conscious Capitalism or attend a conference.

    Press inquiries can be directed to

  3. I would like to connect with other business leaders and entrepreneurs who are implementing Conscious Capitalism in their businesses. What are the opportunities to do this?

    There are several ways to connect with others who are implementing Conscious Capitalism in their businesses:

  4. I would like to attend the CEO Summit. How can I receive an invitation?

    The Summit is designed for CEOs, Presidents and the equivalent only. You can find the requirements for attendance here. If you feel that you meet the requirements, please fill out the application for consideration. We will notify you if we are able to provide you an invitation to the event.

    If you do not meet the requirements for the CEO Summit, we encourage you to consider attending our Spring Conference; this conference is open to all. You can learn more about Spring Conference here. You can also sign up on our newsletter here to receive notification when registration opens.

  5. I am interested in starting a Conscious Capitalism chapter - where do I start?

    To fulfill its purpose and mission, and to respond to increasing demand for information, guidance, support and collaboration from individuals and groups throughout the world, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. has launched Conscious Capitalism U.S. and International Chapter Networks. The Conscious Capitalism U.S. and International Chapter Networks facilitate, guide, support, engage and connect Conscious Capitalism Chapters throughout the world with Conscious Capitalism, Inc., with information and resources about Conscious Capitalism and with other Chapters.

    If you are interested in seeing if a Chapter is already established in your area or to learn more about starting a new Chapter you can find details here.

  6. I would like to be a speaker at an event. How can I be considered?

    We are always looking for new speakers to provide fresh and inspiring content for participants at our conferences. You can find instructions for submitting a practicum proposal here. Note that we do not pay speaker fees for either event.

  7. I would like to collaborate or receive guidance from Conscious Capitalism for my business, project or idea. Is it possible to get a one on one conversation?

    Conscious Capitalism is a small organization with limited capacity so we are unable to provide individualized guidance, consulting or mentorship at this time. The best way that we can support you in deepening your involvement with the Conscious Capitalism movement is to get engaged in the conversation in the following ways:

  8. I would like a member of Conscious Capitalism to speak at my business or conference.

    Speaker inquiries can be directed to

    Speaker inquiries for John Mackey can be directed to speaking(dot)

  9. Are there any volunteer opportunities with Conscious Capitalism/The Spring Conference/CEO Summit?

    We do not have any volunteer opportunities at this time.

  10. Are there any employment opportunities with Conscious Capitalism, Inc.?

    Please visit our Career Opportunities page.

  11. Additional questions regarding to the site?

    Please contact us via email at:


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